Stay strong!

Just saw Deepika Padukone foundation – Live Love Laugh ‘s video. And its mind blowing!  For sure it would deeply connect to every person who went through it. And there is so much clarity in the video that depression cannot be expressed but just felt n shed!
Depression cannot be described at all.

Some lucky ones get diagnosed , BUT there are few who just fight and fight to get out of it all ALONE!  Only they know, how it feels like and how long it has taken for them to come out of it beautifully. They would have lost lot of people around them by then. They would have shed tears in between of their day without anyone’s notice, for months together. It would be almost everyday!!!! For me it was always black Fridays instead of TGIF!! They would know how tough it is to forgive and move on.

But at the end of it, they walk out of it with greater strength of mind than they would have even thought of,with lesson of forgiveness,with knowledge of how to deal with the external factors like social media etc and to deal with internal factors so as to not get emotionally drowned. And yes, mood swings are completely different from what the depression feels like.

And I am really proud of all those who have come out of it with poise.
And I wanted to write this, not for the reason I went through it. For the reason, I didn’t want my own people to go through it. I so know they would read this and want them to know that I m there for them. They already know, but still I wanna make sure for them !

And here comes the toughest part I have faced so far.
One is, when the person comes to you and asks you on how you got out of it and how was your lifestyle during that phase and now. This they would ask me so that they wanted to make sure whats happening to them, was it really depression or just frustration!? They just didn’t want some kind of confirmation, but they also wanted solutions for it. And this was tough for me to answer at first, because I would be in urge to relax them at that point.And it was tough because I felt I am not the right person because I wasn’t skilled in that. Also, I knew that lifestyle of individuals varies and it would be solved only through understanding of their lifestyle first for improvements of their mental health. We all have less time for it to solve it for others in this way because we hardly know their lifestyle. But still I never chucked it, and made them realize how well medical consultations make these complex stuffs like depressions easy.

But the second toughest part was when you knew a person very well. You knew their lifestyle well. You could see them going through it and speak to them so as to stop them from reaching to its peak level. But the returns you get was something like this – “you have gone through it and have faced it and come out. Just leave me,  let me face it and know how it feels. Let me fight too. Leave me to be myself” . I have got these words on my face and still haunts me in my mind. All I could do then was to just keep quiet. I am still working on a solution for this because this kind of person and very courageous and can easily get out of it. All I want to do is to make them realize how beautiful the world will look for you when you get out of it, so get rid of it soon even though its tough.

I want to tell to everybody that its all just a mind game and never let the game drown you. Think positive and have high hopes somehow and get out of it.
Just think you don’t want to go to extreme of it.  Just don’t feel that guilty which is a major cause for this. Just know that forgiveness is everything, not just others but yourself too. Just keep saying in your mind “I want to be happy“. And see how strong, forgiving, happy and graceful you become. And you DESERVE to be so.
At last, I would be glad to hear how cheerful you have become now.😊


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  1. Aditya Kilari says:

    Now thats like the soft side.. Being aware of the finer aspects.. A really good try Sahana 🙂 And as u pointed it.. Mood swings and depressions.. Many ppl would not even be able to classify it right.. And i probably am one of them 😉
    Anyways.. Good go 🙂

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    1. Sahana says:

      Thanks Adi 🙂


  2. Manju Nath says:

    You speak about practicality in situations where one is bound to tackle depression effectively. Loved it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sahana says:

      Thanks a lot Manju Nath! 😘 😊


  3. Bhargava says:

    Best words..

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Bhargava says:

    Best words…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sahana says:

      Thanks Bhargava 😊


  5. badrinarayanbk says:

    Okay! Am officially a fan of yours now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sahana says:

      Wow! Thanks Badri 😊


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