Maathru devo bhava

Maathru devo bhava.. And that’s so true. She has been truly goddess for me in this journey of life. . I share many of my thoughts to her because she has become my best friend now.

Though she finds it tough to accept my opinions and views, at the end she blesses me (scolds me at first!!!) and then lets me put myself out and have some fun. We both will not have good sleep if we don’t yell at each other every now and then. I am addicted to her fights (I don’t digest food if I don’t fight with her).

She is my best and favorite fashion critic. I don’t step out of the house without asking her how I look. She has become the best parent because of the freedom she has given me to be myself throughout. I have learnt from her on “how hard works pay off”.  For me she is the first person who comes in my mind when I talk about beauty (I love her chin :*:*).

And the best part of our relationship is we both love to break the rules. I have put a strict rule to her that she shouldn’t touch my wardrobe, but she breaks it often. And in return I break her rule by coming home late and not staying back at home during weekends.           Tit for tat you see…

I know she would forgive me for coming home late, but her phone call when I am late scares the shit out of me. I will be literally praying that she shouldn’t yell at me when I go home but sometimes prayers don’t work. ! Poor me! But I am so proud of her for holding me tight and leaving me loose as and when required.

I am so thankful to have such a great bond with her!

Now I am going to read this to her, so bye for now. I am sure she would yell at me for this, hoping that our roof doesn’t fly off! Hehe! 😀 #happysouls



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  1. desai311 says:

    Nice paraphrasing of emotion towards mother..!


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