25th Month of my TravelLife!

They said , don’t just listen to what they say. GO SEE.

Been following up this from past 25months now. On a travel for last 25months , every month, and here comes end to my 25th trip.

This was the best of all!  This was completely different experience trip for me.

At first when my sister and Jiju booked this package trip from KSTDC , I think I wasn’t that excited . Because I had felt that package trips are too mainstream and all I wanted for offbeat experiences .  But trust me, this was completely smooth. No hassles as I have read or heard about package trips .

We were 20, 8 families and 4 KSTDC staff who became one family later. From the 7yr old to 76yrs old , different generations coincide to become a family.

Firstly I want to write about the staff . They took care of us soo well. Very smooth driving from the two drivers which nowhere gave chance for tiredness of the journey. They understood there were different set of people and how we all are excited about the North Karnataka.

Though the roads to aihole were fcked up, the way they handled it with such huge bus was truly appreciating . They never let us be late nor miss any beautiful things to watch. Our cleaner , he was one person with wonderful big smile. When we all walk back all tired to bus from the ancient era experiences, he used to welcome us with his smile which made us happy being in this place.

And our tourist guide for this trip, Mr. Prabhu who had lot of patience and played his job at its best. He never let us miss any information on the places and kept us informative throughout with correct facts!!!!!! He being more than 50+ yrs old person made us be there on dot throughout. And yes, saying it again it wasn’t tiring and was alllll smooth go! He made us feel so proud of being Indian! That positive vibes is what we all need from such roles. And he has helped many experts of Hampi, Aihole, Pattadakal etc to give their best shot to the tourists!
And my best, he kept me encouraging to do the best to the society, reminding me of what I am and what I wanted to be. He kept calling me inspector, officer and police madam. Also he told he would quit his 25yrs tourism job and come with me in helping the society. Who gets such words,  tell me !
I would really appreciate all the staff of KSTDC for their efforts they have put to serve us better. They really deserve great appreciation from all of us. Do travel with them once in a while , help them out in being better and better!
And next I would really wanna write about the people who accompained me in this 3complete days trip!
We all were from different places, Pune, Tiruchi, Mangaluru, Bengaluru, Coorg etc.
We were from different professional background, scientist, Indian Airforce family, BMTC staff, BSNL staff, teacher, SAP consultant , Charterd Accountant, house wives and few IT guys too.
We spoke different languages,  Tamil , Kannada, English etc.
And now we al have become like a family. We al stayed united throughout the trip, on time sharing our own experiences and lessons learnt.
We had a school kid too,  Samruth who was the most enthusiastic traveller. He loves travelling and has become friend to all of us now. He sang for all of us , kept us entertained throughout.
We had 76yrs old person who came alone to the trip but got us all while going back! His energy was the best, though he was weak with his body. Many told him its impossible for him tto climb GolGumbaz , but he did pretty faster than other mid aged tourists. 100+ big steps wasn’t tough for him. He even came to the places where it was pitch black around. Dark couldn’t let him step back.He spreaded positivity and kept smiling and laughing his heart out throughout.
We had a scientist lady travelling alone and again, she too felt she was travelling with a family. She became our beloved friend. Professionally she might be a scientist, but she was so down to earth by heart.
We had elder couples from Tiruchi, Indian airforce, Bengaluru and Mandya. They motivated us to lead life like theirs. It was so cute to watch these couples. My future goals are modified now seeing them . Wanna travel like them even when I get old.
And last but the best was my favorite company ,that’s my Jiju and sister. Everytime I travel with them to heritage or villages and food explorations, I get the best shots of all! They are one of my best company for travel.

This 25th month trip was peaceful, splendid, learnt many things, motivated to continue further on this travelLife.
Somehow continuously kept travelling every month and 25th was the worth for celebrating my travelLife. Hoping to complete 100 and more.

Have loads to tell about many things which I experienced in my own way through my vantage points. Keep reading, stay motivated.


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