I Chose ME….


I chose to be sagacious irrespective of your stupidity shown to me.
I chose to be fearless in the pursuing my dreams which set my soul on fire.
I chose to have sportsmanship inspite of being defeated.
I chose to travel my own journey of life in the path of my own.
I chose to not just be me, but to teach you.
I chose not just to love, but also to feed.
I also chose something higher than I was before.
I chose to have my own mistakes biased by my own thoughts.
I chose to be fragile even though I knew, to know what I can be.
I chose to ignore you all, to have my own bliss.
I chose everything by myself.
Be it my profession, my hobbies, my passions, my writings,  my food, my drink, my diet and my every damn thing.
Yes, I chose to stay proud of what or how I am.
And yes, I chose to compete only with myself.


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