Going fearLESS – part 2

My favorite thing now is fear. Everything you need is on the other side of fear. The best things are kept on the other side of fear and you ll have to cross this to go witness the beauty. That shitty feeling fear gets you drowns me and I ask “why should I even do this?” I can’t judge on why would I wanted to do all this. But later on, when I had no choice of going back and had to do what I always wanted, this fear failed to stop me and rethink. And thats when It has given me richful taste of success. I am just addicted to have breakups with it often 😄 Fear would have ruined my time , but the success I witnessed overcoming this has brought years to my life . So just dont think of being successful,  also think of overcoming all the fears you are sowed inside 😊


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Superb 🙂

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