What’s my understanding of word Agile?

I understand that agile is something quick, easy, focused and very flexible!

But what’s Agile in real?

It’s a method of project management in which you divide the tasks into short splits and later you frequently assess and redesign accordingly.

But what’s so much about it? Why is it popular?

It popular because we are never too late in there to set another goal and modify our project planning.

It’s also popular because you are less stressed here irrespective of short deadlines in front of you. And How?, here you will work on the divided piece only and your focus will be only on that piece of work letting you not worry at once of many things in your project areas , so your mind feels “light-weighted” .

As its iterative approach, in the end you will be working on small bits every time to finish the product effectively.

Do you feel it’s going to take time for you to adapt to this methodology? If so then don’t worry unless you are motivated by the new changes because later on the this habit gets you there!!!

They say you grow individually too because of your Agile tasks at work. Is this true?

Yes it is. Do you remember your school teachers saying you that small drops of water make an ocean? Yes it’s the same way. In your personal life, you split your long term goal into short term tasks and then concentrate on each one after the other.

For instance, if your next goal in person is to do higher studies, you ll have to first study for the entrance exams, then you concentrate/research on where all to apply and then you start moving ahead with your studies! That’s how you take step by step in order to sail smooth and effective.

Well, so it’s better to take each step smoothly rather than jaywalking across. All you need to do at first is to open to the changes in your work style and stay positive, patience, persistent.



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