Old school of leadership must go obsolete at the earliest. It’s not beneficial to look for hard working people because they’re expensive. In the world where loyal people weigh more than that of gold, today’s leaders must know to adapt to the generation they are passing over.

I see many managers who complain that they are having people with less skills or not-so-hard-working in their teams. It’s high time for leader to motivate and bring in the passion in the team and make them love their work. We all have our own goals. How did they become our goals? Were we born with those goals already in our minds? No right! We started dreaming. We started sharing our dreams to others and eventually it became our goal. We start making plans for it and work on it step by step. That’s how every leader must bring it in the team.

First make it your dream to have beautiful team. Share it with them frequently and address every small problem coming across. And then you will see how your dreams change into their goals and creates a plan by itself to proceed towards success. How long will you keep looking for better skilled? Rather invest on the passionate, positive thinker to make him better skilled.

It’s no more a commandment, it’s more of defending. When the team member does any mistake that would cost for the company, leader must be able to defend for him and train him for better, rather than just firing him and hire a new one. This process must definitely be scratched out. In today’s world it’s not effective to fire any person -> hire new one and train him again. Why do you want to sell the experience you gave him?

Thirdly, today’s managers must be able to delegate his work to others effectively so that others can also be as skilled as he is. Manager must be replaceable and that’s how he becomes succeeding in training and developing his team. Thereby not being insecure of his job. When he is not around, people must not wait for him to act upon rather should be able to take decisions on their own. Managers must take such risks in involving his team members in taking up new responsibilities and independence in decision making.

Similarly when managers have crunch on number of team members (I don’t want to put the term “resources” anymore), he should be able to negotiate for the time deadlines rather than pressurizing the rest of them to take up other tasks nor should himself go do their activities. Multitasking is just a word people use to sell themselves but definitely not beneficial for the company. You will have to let the person concentrate on one thing usually until he gains expertise on it.

Lastly , I want to tell one more thing , why I don’t want today’s managers to address the team with term “resources” is that manager’s  team members are not working for his goals/product rather you both are working for same product/goal.

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